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Adventure On Two Wheels

Cycling to Inspire

British Columbia teen Saskia Vaisey writes in her blog, “A human connection is the most powerful way to affect people.”She is one of four young people finding their way to the Yukon to do just that. Vaisey, along...

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Family on Wheels

I have always been impressed by cyclists on the Alaska Highway.You know the ones I mean — bikes loaded down, their grimaced, sweating faces telling me how tough they are, and intimidating me into thinking, “I can’t...

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Sleeping Babies

The babies sat in the driveway, tarped over, covered in snow half-melted in the April sun.I brushed them off, to let the sun begin to warm the silver shrouds, to soak some life back into the batteries.It’s my motorcycles...

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Social Riding; Klondike Style

Motorcycle riders are often solitary sorts. We like the time we spend with ourselves on the road.It is a sort of meditation: no radio, no chit-chat with a passenger, no getting bored like you do driving a car.That doesn’t...

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Bringing Up the Rear

Riding has a tendency to push your personal limits. Whether it is the distance you cover in a day … or your speed … or the cold weather … or how bad a road you can navigate successfully.The problem is I seem to...

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Discovery Days and the Underwear Cannon

Shredded bits of a pair of my underwear are nailed to the wall inside a bar – the bar – in Chicken, Alaska.It always amazes me what northerners will do to prove they are unique and unlike people from Outside.We’d ridden...

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Yukon’s Big Bike Race

Ok, so we share it with Alaska, but it starts in the Yukon. And I hope you’ve already submitted your registration for this year’s June 15 race.There was a lot of pouting today in my workplace when I mentioned that...

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