Allan Benjamin

Didee & Didoo Columnist Allan Benjamin is a poet, a cartoonist, a fiddle player and a snow shoe racer from Old Crow, Yukon

Didee & Didoo: Allan Benjamin

I know this man from Old Crow Who’s a kind and gentle soul. He was raised by his Didoo She taught him all that she knew. This man is Allan Benjamin And he keeps his fiddle jammin’. When he’s not busy doing that, He’s doing up his snowshoe strap. He’s won many snowshoe races With …

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Didee & Didoo: No Store

We don’t have a store so we’re really poor.  We can’t even shop ‘cause they came to a stop. We could even die because we can’t buy. We can’t eat money and that’s not funny. Even if we have cash it’s as good as trash. We have more than enough but we can’t buy stuff. I …

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Writing from Old Crow

Old Crow poet and cartoonist Allan Benjamin caught himself when he said he carries a pen and paper in his pocket 24 hours a day. “Actually, it’s pencil. A pen freezes.” Not something you want to happen out on the Flats when inspiration strikes. The 56-year-old Benjamin, who is well-known by What’s Up Yukon readers …

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Hate to say I told you so

In September of 2008, I was working construction in Edmonton when the bottom fell out of the economy. There were a few workers on my crew that were good enough to find work in a recession, but I wasn’t one. After spinning my wheels for a week or two, I bought a bus ticket and …

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