Alzheimer’s disease

The fiddle remembers

Harold Routledge did not remember that he had built this fiddle with his own hands; but the tunes, and the skill to play it, were memories that had not yet been robbed by Alzheimer’s. “There is something about music that it is so deeply ingrained to memories from a long time ago,” says Keitha Clark, …

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Brain Active

Did you know you can build new brain cells at any age? It’s true! Whether you are in your 30s and constantly lose your car keys, or coming into your golden years and find it increasingly hard to recall events, there is hope. To improve brain functioning, the most important things to look at are …

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Unpacking Memory

What is memory? Where does it live? Where can it take you? Who does it belong to? What is it like to live without it? These are some of the questions at the heart of Broken, a new play by Whitehorse theatre maker Brian Fidler that opened this week in as a Nakai Ramshackle Theatre …

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