Andrea McColeman

Summer Music Camp

This year’s Yukon Summer Music Camp is going ahead, with a new producer and administrative officer at the helm. Yukon Music Camp Society has opened registration for the second year of Yukon Summer Music Camp, pandemic edition.

Lucie D and the Immortals

There is a new sound in town! On Thursday June 21, Lucie D and the Immortals will debut their new EP, Les Thèmes de la Vie (Themes of Life), from 7 to 9 p.m. at Baked Café.

Not your grandma’s chamber music

Musical ear candy – that’s how Daniel Janke describes the Problematic Orchestra. “It’s pretty wacky music,” he said of the 20-person chamber music group he directs. “Some of it is very playful, as the title implies. “It’s not often you get a chance to enjoy such a large ensemble, and one that performs in almost …

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There’s a New Drummer in Town

Meet Lee Campese, Yukon’s most recent import and the latest addition to the groovy rhythmic assemblage, Major Funk and the Employment.

Getting Down to Motown

A nun, another nun, and a mystery illness all contributed to the development of Lucie Desaulniers as a singer. Growing up in the small Manitoba community of St. Jean Baptiste, not far from the U.S. border, Desaulniers attended a Roman Catholic school attached to a Grey Nuns convent. That’s where she met a “really cool” …

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Major Funk

Big, Loud and Funky

Major Funk and the Employment is a big band with a big sound. It has some big changes since bassist Etienne Girard put the group together.

Puppet Dreams Coming True

Nicole Edwards was raised on the Muppet Show, and she dreamed of duetting with Kermit since she was a kid. As an adult, she decided to make her puppet dreams a reality. She debuted her new video, Lychee Martini, to a packed house at Epic Pizza last month. Diagnosed with scleroderma, an autoimmune disorder that …

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Sing-along Solstice

Why settle for karaoke night in a bar when you can parade your singing talent at the Yukon Arts Centre? “I think people miss singing in their lives, or miss music in their lives,” claims Whitehorse composer and filmmaker Daniel Janke. “It can just slip away if you don’t make the effort to get involved …

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Ridin’ Through the Many Genres of Country Music: Breakin’ Wild Horses shows many sides of Gene Brown

Question: What do you get when a pedal steel guitar player of many years puts his considerable musical abilities toward creating a CD? Answer: A sizzling, yet subtle group of 10 songs that has echoes of the many types of country music that have permeated the airwaves since the inception of the genre. Right off …

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Kim Barlow Hits the Road

Singer-songwriter Kim Barlow hasn’t accumulated much worth selling in her 20 years in the Yukon, but she has amassed enough friends and fans to warrant a goodbye concert. Kim Barlow’s Send-Off Concert will feature Barlow playing with Helene Beaulieu, Dave Haddock, Andrea McColeman, Lonnie Powell and Micah Smith, as well as special guests Kim Beggs, …

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Brenda Lee takes on the classics in Five O’clock Bells

Whitehorse jazz guitarist and vocalist Brenda Lee recently released her first album, a collection of jazz standards, called Five O’ Clock Bells. Originally from Northern Ontario, Brenda Lee Katerenchuk grew up in a musical family. Her father was a professional drummer and her mother was a ballroom dance teacher. She went on to study classical …

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World of Words: Poetry in a Slant Room

Yukon poet Michael Eden Reynolds’ first book, Slant Room, released today by The Porcupine’s Quill, shows us a stark natural world, and us in it. The first half, titled “Migrations”, “is very spare imagery with little human contact,” Reynolds says. “In the second half of the book, the tension between humanity and the natural world …

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A fresh longest night

In an interview, two weeks before Longest Night 2009, director Daniel Janke said the evening was still a mystery to him. “I’ve been writing new material – we are all writing new material – so there is not much that anyone has ever heard before,” he says. “And that’s a nice, fresh energy.” Celebrating the …

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YWIM Celebrates a Decade

On Saturday, May 29, a special concert is being held to celebrate a decade of YWIM (Yukon Women In Music). In truth, it has actually been 12 years since the YWIM idea first came about. In 1998, at the home of Lucie Desaulniers, a small but passionate group of women musicians started meeting to address …

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Tots Telling Tales

The First Nations tradition of passing stories down from generation to generation is alive and well at Grey Mountain Primary School. This week, the school will host its sixth annual Thai’ May Dhäl (Southern Tuchone for “Grey Mountain”) Storytelling Festival. The 70 students from kindergarten to Grade 3 will repeat the performance for the general …

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Dinner and Music: YWIM Perform Oct.

The fall has arrived with a multitude of cultural activities. It is also a tremendously busy time on the Francophone musical scene. Yukon Women in Music (YWIM), in collaboration with the cultural sector of Association franco-yukonnaise, have organized a Café-rencontre — the traditional Friday dinner with the Francophone community — followed by a show featuring …

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