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Andromeda Galaxy

Aprils Comet and Galaxy Adventure

We have been watching Comet PanSTARRS for the last week and it has been fascinating to see it change.When the comet first appeared high enough in the night sky to be seen, around the third week in March, it was quite easy to...

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Yukon Night-Sky Action

Let’s start today’s column with Comet Lulin, which is blazing its way across the Yukon Night Skies. This small and bright comet is really moving quickly across the night sky and can still be seen in binoculars.Moving...

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A Marathon and a Quick Tour

As March begins, there is excitement in the Yukon Night Sky. It is time for the Messier Marathon. This is an event that most amateur astronomers anxiously await, and the time is just about upon us.So what is a Messier Marathon...

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Of Gremlins and Star Clusters

Finally, the weekend has arrived; hopefully, the weather will be clear. All the weather-information sources, including Whitehorse Clear Sky Clock and others, seem to agree that Saturday night should be great.Quickly, we send an...

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