Anne-Louise Genest

A Music Scene Darling

The music scene in Whitehorse is really something. Full of fresh, creative musical sounds that come straight from the heart and soul of artists who discovered their own voices inside the warmth of their homes in the dead of winter. The diving board for many of these discoveries is Peggy Hanifan and her Wednesday open …

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Out of the Rec Room

Scott Wilson doesn’t credit either ’50s TV host Arthur Godfrey or campy falsetto Tiny Tim with the current popularity of the humble ukulele. Instead, the Whitehorse musician thinks it likely stems from a few years back, when Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s hauntingly beautiful medley of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “What a Wonderful World” became …

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Toe-Tappin’ Tunes from One Generation to Another

If you were to draw broad strokes, you could say that the music contained on this CD is classic old-time mountain music. The “primer coat” of this CD may be old-time mountain music, but to leave the description there, would be grossly simplistic and leave a false impression of what is contained within these tracks. …

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She’s Not Just Doodling as a Songwriter Anymore

When Anne-Louise Genest confessed to a slight hangover after an evening of gin and tonic, her sister asked, “Didn’t I tell you your grandmother’s rules for drinking?” After hearing such sage advice as “don’t let strange men mix drinks for you” and “gin will ruin your complexion”, Genest immediately knew she wanted to set it …

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Sad to the Bone

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Kim Beggs develop as an artist from the beginning. From her first performances supporting Kim Barlow and Anne-Louise Genest, and a few solo sets at the Whitewater Wednesday Jam, Beggs has grown as a songwriter and singer into a national and international talent. Her new CD,Blue Bones, recorded in …

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