Anthony Trombetta

Makes Sense Tomorrow columnist Anthony Trombetta is a local comedian and actor.

Debaters Bound

Whitehorse comedian Jenny Hamilton will be performing live on the CBC Radio One show The Debaters in North Vancouver on Nov. 22

The fear is real…

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys creepy strolls through dark spaces with ghouls and goblins festering around every corner, perhaps it’s time to head to The Guild Hall in Porter Creek, as the Guild Society is preparing to scare the wits out of you at its annual haunted house of horror. The event …

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Moving Target

Unlike some comedians, Lars Callieou didn’t start as class clown: he wasn’t in class. Callieou & Fortin are on stage at Ride for Dad Comedy,

How did Charlie Brown and his friends make out?

On October 1st The Guild Hall Society will kick off its  2015/16 season with Bert V. Royal’s dark comedy Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead. The play is considered an unauthorized parody of the iconic Peanuts characters created by Charles M. Schulz. The story imagines the gang as teenagers with all the ups, …

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Puppets, Comedy, and Gore

Whitehorse has an awesome art scene. This month, The Guild will try to make it more awesome when its production of Cannibal! The Musical hits the stage. The play, which is based on the film of the same name, has been circulating North America for over 15 years, to rave reviews. The story is centered …

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Strangely Funny, but True

Anthony Trombetta’s first act as new artistic director at the Guild Theatre was to throw out the rule book. Instead of a conventional play, the black box theatre in Porter Creek has been playing host this month to standup comics, a hypnotist and even a magician. Strange But True, which runs until Saturday, April 26, …

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May is the dirtiest month

As I behold my 18th spring in the Yukon, I have been spared the anxiety and frustration of previous disappointments that are collectively known as the plodding death of winter. It is not so much another year of maturity that has bestowed a calm upon my psyche, it is just the acceptance of things as …

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What’s new for you

Soooo, notice anything different about today’s paper? We have found a new printer: Webco Leduc. It is a company that has come highly recommended and its people have bent over backwards to convince us they will do a good job for you, the readers. In particular, the outside four pages and centre four pages will …

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Take the lead

Nothing says “lead” like a top hat, white tie and tails, a walking stick and leather-soled taps. Nothing says “lead” like Fred Austerlitz (Fred Astaire). And, of course, nothing says “follow” like a black chiffon gown that floats just above the dance floor in effortless grace. Nothing says “follow” like Virginia Katherine McMath (Ginger Rogers). …

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Take a walk on the wild side

Imagine taking a roller coaster ride and then writing about it as if you were still on the ride. That is an example of the journalistic for which Hunter S. Thompson was famous. Simply put: He lived it, then wrote about it. This style of journalism often leaves objectivity at home, seeks new adventures, finds …

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Comedian Anthony Trombetta

Local Comic Battles for Whitehorse on CBC’s The Debaters

Watch out, Whitehorse — you’re going to have to defend your place in Northern society. CBC Radio’s The Debaters is set to take the stage at the Yukon Arts Centre for a live taping with a local audience Sept. 28, and with it comes a very topical question: is Whitehorse the real Yukon? Local stand-up …

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Wicked wits of the west spar in Irish black comedy

There are two prizefighters in this ring. And they’ve been going round and round trading off the mantles of victor and victim for too many years. You have a sense that there is nothing left in their relationship but the fight. The Beauty Queen of Leenane, the award-winning play by Martin McDonagh, challenges an audience …

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Loaded for Laughs

It’s the night of the first big snowfall, and that sound you’re hearing is the explosion of standup comedy in Whitehorse. At the Jarvis Street Saloon, it’s round three of the Punchline Punchout, a competition that pits five teams of comics against each other in five-minute sets, followed by an elimination round of impromptu rants …

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Syphilis Goes South

It sounds nasty. A small group of northerners is scheming to infect a major southern city with Syphilis next month. But there’s no need to alert public health officials. Ramshackle Theatre is merely hoping to spread an infectious dose of laughter to audiences at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival, by means of Whitehorse playwright Peter …

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