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Appetite at Large

Appetite at Large: Copying the Oldtimers

Everything tastes better at Pete and Mary’s. Beets have bite, tomatoes ooze with tart juice, and the chocolate cake is moist and thick with flavour. “It’s because of our oven,” Mary Beattie says modestly,...

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Appetite at Large: Ukulele Revolution

The humble ukulele is undergoing a revolution.Ukulele clubs are springing up around the world, big-name rock stars are strumming the small, four-stringed Hawaiian guitar, and a recent documentary heralds the ukulele’s...

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Appetite at Large: Crunch Time: Cooking for AWG

Gene Batten sits peacefully in the Yukon College bistro during an off-hours hush. For the college’s manager of food services and co-ordinator of the culinary arts program, it’s a moment of calm before the storm. The...

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The Secret Ingredient

The Iron Chef, a competitive cooking show, opens with dramatic music, a swelling crescendo of exciting sound building as the camera zooms around a dramatically lit kitchen stage prepped with shining knives, mammoth cooking...

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If you asked me what my favourite food was, and I was actually honest about it, I would probably have to say refined sugar. And pizza.This being said, I am a person who is pretty into nutrition—I am relatively educated about it...

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Appetite at Large: Super-flu Beware!

I know there are people in Dawson who eat healthy in the summer—having barbecues, fishing, berry picking and hitting the farmers’ market every Saturday.I, on the other hand, am a bartender, which means that I rarely wake...

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