April 10 2019

Digging into commitment

Jack Garton stood in a cemetery on Galiano Island, talking on his cell phone about his latest record. It seems like a weird place to field media requests, until you consider that Garton’s day job, as cemetery sexton, seems to have influenced the album in a way.“I think a lot about how fragile our lives are …

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Spirit of the times

The German term zeitgeist is generally rendered in English as the spirit of a given time, as shown in prevailing thought or customs. (Think, perhaps, how Carnaby Street reflected the social values of mid-1960s Britain.) In 2019, are Yukon audiences ready for an evening of music and comedy that offers a glimpse at the zeitgeist of contemporary …

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Dawson City International Short Film Festival celebrates two decades of short films

Dan Sokolowski is about three weeks away from launching the 20th edition of the Dawson City International Short Film Festival (DCISFF) when we sit down in his corner of the building that’s home to the Klondike Institute of Art of Culture. (KIAC.) A lot of work has already gone into this year’s event. The 85 films …

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Button up those denims

Every little bit helps. That’s the philosophy behind Yukon Denim Day and the support that Yukoners Cancer Care Fund provides to individuals affected by cancer.

Paw-t smoking

Dogs under the influence of pot may simply lie asleep at irregular hours Lily is an energetic dog. At three months old, it was abnormal for her to sleep for three solid hours in the middle of the day. That was the first sign that something was off. The second was that, when owner Daniel …

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