Issue: 2021 April 21


Why is it important to declare a climate emergency or crisis? So often today we see governments and businesses declaring a climate emergency. But why? What is important about taking this action or making this statement? Let’s take a step back and identify what a climate emergency is first, then we can discuss the reasons …

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Uncle Jimmy Roberts and the Hammerstones were locals whose sound was heavily slanted towards indigenous fiddle tunes

Live music returns to Dënäkär Zho

COVID-19 pretty much shut down live music in Dawson in 2020. This year the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (Dënäkär Zho), in partnership with the Dawson City Music Festival, has been trying hard to bring some of it back over the last few months.


New podcast shares stories about dating and relationships north of the 60th parallel.

The Masked Singers

It’s been a complicated year for Whitehorse Community Choir. Around a year ago, they went from regularly scheduled full rehearsals to absolutely nothing, and had no idea when or how they’d be able to return.It’s been a complicated year for Whitehorse Community Choir.

Living With Wildlife – Steve Wilson

There was lots of swan activity at the Quartz Road wetland on October 17, 2019. We invite you to share your photos of Yukon wildlife.

Garlic roasted broccoli with lemon

Broccoli can feel a bit drab – and while roasting it won’t magically turn broccoli into a perfect gooey, cheesy, pizza it will give it some extra pizzazz that is perfect for a simple weeknight meal.

Pour one out during the pandemic

Almost a year into this pandemic, we’re all dreaming about travelling again. Last summer, during the B.C. bubble, my wife and I took a road trip to explore Okanagan vineyards.

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