April 22 2020

April 22 2020

Support local with a beer and some Indian food

Things are different for everyone in the new COVID-19 world and companies everywhere are having to change their business models to adapt. Nowhere is this truer than for the Woodcutter’s Blanket. “It’s been difficult, it felt like it happened overnight,” said co-owner James Maltby. “It has forced us to do a 180 on our business …

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Capturing a significant moment in history

It all started when Yellowknife-based photographer Pat Kane posted a tongue-in-cheek Instagram post in response to the new reality of social distancing associated with COVID-19: “So much for my photography business, I guess I’ll have to start taking photos of people through their windows.” 

Emerging North Exhibit

A virtual tour of the Yukon Arts Centre new gallery exhibit, Emerging North

Bacon-wrapped rice

Bacon-wrapped bundles of sticky, glutinous rice are a great substitute for your weekend brunch plate when toast or potatoes start to feel a bit monotonous.

Quarantinis: Or, When Life Gives You Lemons

I recently challenged myself to publish a cocktail recipe every day, for 14 days, on social media – the challenge was that I had to use spirits I already had at home, and that I could not make any extra/unnecessary trips to the grocery store.

Old Fashioned

One can never go wrong with an Old Fashioned, and you can make one with just about any type of whiskey – it’s really up to you. I prefer bourbon, but you can use rye. 

When Life Gives You Lemons

We are all feeling this way at the moment, and because the lemons are so lovely now, and in the same springy theme, I give you a refreshing, sassy, and springy gin sour!

Art education wherever you are

Kids Kreate, the Yukon Arts Centre’s education program, needed to bring art into the lives of Yukon’s youngsters. The solution, go virtual.

Mosquito Report

Let’s surprise Kelly, But not Martha. Let’s outnumber Peter, But not Stephen. Let’s pick on Tracy, But not on Bertha. Let’s hunt for Michael, But not for Joel. Let’s tickle Sherry, But not Rosie. Let’s bother Robert, But not Joseph. Let’s intimidate Barbara, But not Rosalie. Let’s tease Ronald, But not Freddy. Let’s chase Deanna, …

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Shoo’ii & Sheek’aii – Gwich’in Ginjik Native Language

Gwich’in Expressions:  Ddhah kak vadzaih Tr’anah’in We see caribou on the mountain Dinjik daang nał’in I see four moose Łall tsal nihłàh tsiigīdī’in The pups are playing together Gwiint’lo dzan virh jidthihłii I really wish for boiled muskrat Ts’ĩivii kak dlak nał’in I see a squirrel on the tree Sreendit gwāndōo dats’an jīhtth’ak I hear ducks in the spring Jii tsal …

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Know the age of fowl meat when cooking

There’s a big difference between cooking the meat of wild animals and cooking the meat of domestic animals. Domestic meats contain a wide variety of chemicals, including growth hormones, while wild meat has none.

Onward: A Review

Good news my quarantined friends, I know some of us were getting a little worried that we might find the end screen of our screening services. Well, it appears at least a few of the big ones have heard those concerns and are starting to move theatrical releases to digital media. Today let’s take a …

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Whitehorse poet’s defiant reading marathon

It was the first time Peter Jickling had read a book aloud cover to cover. He reflected that he got a different sense of the book as a whole than you would putting it down and picking it up, as we usually do.

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