April 3 2019

A Commemoration of the Yukon’s WWI Fallen Soldiers

This slender volume contains brief biographies and photographs of the men from the Yukon who fought and died for Canada between 1914 and 1918. Seven of the enlisted died in 1919, but are recorded as still being in active service. Many of their names are recorded on cenotaphs or memorial plaques in Dawson City or …

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Ditch your fear of public speaking

Whether you’re interested in being a leader or looking to grow your business, speaking in public is a surefire way to establish expertise and credibility in your field. Unfortunately for many, the thought of public speaking is enough to cause them to shrink back and turn down opportunities that come their way. Public speaking seems to …

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In paradisum electronica

Everybody knows the Yukon has its share of folk music and roots rock, but they don’t often think about electronic music.

Musical time travel

[two_third] With the stage still in darkness, a disembodied voice expresses the speaker’s dislike for plays that require theatre-goers to interact with performers who break the traditional fourth wall. When the lights rise on the latest Guild Theatre production, the speaker does precisely that, by addressing the audience directly. For the duration of the evening, …

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Get a quick and easy fire going

I put wood in the stove, set the Hurlburt fire starter under it and struck a match. Within seconds there was a six-inch flame. After a minute, the wood ignited.

Ice-fishing with kids

If you don’t make it fun, they won’t like it. Going out again will be unlikely. In that respect, it’s like summer fishing, only it’s cold as well as boring. Kids need to be entertained and that’s your job. They also do better if they have stuff to eat and numerous cups of hot chocolate …

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The Dark Fruits

Ripened with age

The Dark Fruits kind of accidentally ended up with an album. Three years ago, singer Jeff Wolosewich booked time at Jordy Walker’s studio, planning to record a single song. The next thing he knew, he’d laid down bed tracks for more than 20 songs.“The guys (Walker and musicians Micah Smith and Patrick Docherty) just played …

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Dog Culture – Kerri Scholz

Rose and Elli get into all kinds of fun with Kerri and Paul Scholz. [box] Meet our dogs, they live for us, we live for them, the Yukon would not be the Yukon without Dog Culture. Send photos of Yukon dogs and their people to [email protected]![/box]

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