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Arctic Winter Games

Yukon Pomp

There’s a furry addition to Team Yukon’s uniforms as they march into the opening ceremony of the Arctic Winter Games in the Northwest Territories on March 18. Athletes will sport fur pom-poms made from wolf pelts harvested in the Haines Junction area and sewn onto their hats by members of the community.

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It Takes Two

Biathlon is an Olympic Sport that combines two incredibly differentcompetitive activities. Which two incredibly different activities you ask? Biathlon is a combination of a cross country ski race and small-bore rifle...

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The Many Faces of Claire Ness

I’m in the ‘98 drinking water (sober January) and waiting for Claire Ness to arrive. “LondonCalling” by The Clash is playing, which, for some reason, doesn’t feel out of place here.Once Claire arrives, the first topic we land on...

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