August 7 2019

Living with Wildlife – Dave Sanyal

I captured these photos of sheep during a visit to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve in late May. Camera: Sony Alpha 65 [box] We invite you to share your photos of Yukon wildlife. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what’s going on and what camera equipment you used to [email protected][/box]

It’s a Cabin of Curiosities

Vaudeville has made a comeback in Dawson City. Cabin of Curiosities, a play which premiered last year on a limited run at the historic Palace Grand Theatre, has been reprised by The Friends of the Palace Grand Society, a non-profit organization that presents performing arts productions that reflect Dawson’s regional identity. “Our goal of a …

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Soggy bottom boats

Cardboard boat competitions around North America challenge the engineering and construction skills of participants. Skills Canada is hosting a cardboard boat competition as part of the Last Splash on Aug 16 Armed with cardboard, duct tape and your wits, can you get a boat to float? That’s the challenge that Samantha Hand, executive director of …

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Three days of family fun

Are you keen on learning about drama, circus, dance or crafting? The Augusto Children’s Festival features a diverse group of workshops, with a roster that includes local artists and teachers as well as groups from across North America. This is the third year for Augusto, which begins in Haines Junction on Aug. 9. Festival organizer …

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In the hunt

The average reader may be surprised to learn that disc golf tournaments even exist. Indeed, many people are still unfamiliar with the bastard cousin of traditional ball golf.

Vote Livesey

The smoke has begun to clear in Beaver Creek, but hot embers still smoulder along the highway. We haven’t had a fire like this one for many years, not this close to town. Sid has the morning off so we are heading down to Livesey’s near the Creek. It’s no more than a three-minute drive …

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Tattoo You: Kelly Lemoine

My tattoo is in honour of my sweet little sister, Sara, who left us much too soon. She loved butterflies. This is a daily reminder of how much she meant to me. She will always be on my arm and in my heart. [box]Do you have a tattoo that is important to you? Is it …

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