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Fun Family Literacy Tips!

Don’t expect your little one to always sit still to read a book. Toddler’s move around. It is what they do. So don’t worry if they wiggle, tumble and roll. They may be on the move but they are listening.

14 Months of Fun and Joy

Yukoners are adventurers of all sorts. A Dawson City non-profit organization has captured 14 babies on their exciting start into this adventure called life. Dawson City’s Healthy Families, Healthy Babies initiative has created an adorable 2017 wall calendar as a fundraiser project, called Babies of Dawson. The goal of the initiative is to support young …

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Dawson Quilts

An internet search will show that the hottest baby gifts of 2016 include a light-up singing turtle, organic cotton mittens and an infant sized pair of UGGs. But the hottest gift for Dawson City babies is a handmade quilt. It’s been the most popular gift since 1980. That’s the year the tradition started. It can …

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Erin’s Birth Story

Erin found out she was pregnant when she was 17. She still lived with her parents and had just finished high school. Her relationship with her boyfriend was complicated. She had friends who had had an abortion, and friends who had given their baby up for adoption, but neither of those were options she ever …

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A Not-So-Empty Nest

The robin obviously had a problem with us. I was hanging out on the back porch with my friend Jenny Duncombe — minding our own business — but this little bird was having none of it. At first she squawked from the safety of a pine tree 20 feet away, but things soon grew more …

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Maternity Time

Giving birth is never an easy task. Nothing is guaranteed to run smoothly, and a lot of patience is required of everyone involved. Amidst all the chaos that may ensue in the delivery room, the maternity ward nurses are there to make the birthing process as comfortable as possible. Nurses play an integral role from …

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Building Better Baby Brains

We’ve all experienced stress, but when is it considered toxic? For infants and young children, when it happens often enough that it starts to change the way their brains develop, then it is toxic. Dr. Nicole Letourneau will tell us more about this topic at the seminar TEDx Whitehorse on Nov. 23. Then on Nov. …

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