Beautiful music begins with a Squeak & Squawk

It was 8 p.m. and the hallways of Porter Creek Secondary School had seldom been more clogged. Anxious faces, nervous chatter, hands gripping shiny new musical instruments just tightly enough so as not to drop them, but not so tightly that they would bend. So, how tight is that? They filled four hallways leading toward …

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Still swinging

22 Years & Still Swinging

Sunday, April 15. It’s the night after the Big Band’s annual Spring Swing event, and Nita Collins is relishing the memory of an evening that saw 40 couples take to the floor of the Mount Mac Recreation Centre. “Those crowds are just fabulous to play for,” the group’s long-time manager says. “They’re not interested in …

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Band Jam

Whitehorse’s All City Band Society is about far more than just making music. This largely volunteer run non-profit organization is also about creating a sense of community. “People don’t realize what a benefit being able to play in a large group like that is to your work and social life,” explains Bruce Johnson, a musical …

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