The amazing bat

Part 1 of 2 Back in the 1930s and 40s, many weird stories hung from the tails of bats—they would get tangled in your hair, they were mixed up in witchcraft, a bite from a bat would condemn you to a life married to a witch. The list went on, despite the fact they were …

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Going Slightly Batty

My wariness of bats – I won’t say abject terror, that’s far too strong – dates back to the Eisenhower era. I can even trace it to a particular evening in 1952 (the year of the green Pontiac Pathfinder), when a bat suddenly swooped through the living room of our rented cottage in Quebec. I …

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Here There Be Bats

This weekend, I wanted to show the boys something I knew they would love. To tell the story properly, I need to go back to last fall. A friend of mine, Janice Mazerolle, mentioned she had been hiking in the Chadburn Lake area. A couple of kilometres down the trail from the parking and day …

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