The Green Rush

Right on schedule, my sprout craving has arisen from where it lay quietly dormant since the fall, nestled snug beneath the desire for stews and roasted root vegetables. The herbs I’ve kept in the house are responding to the same cues, with tiny pale green leaves emerging from the nodes of their twiggy stems. I’m …

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Beautiful Beans

Here is another make-ahead salad to add to your summer repertoire. This recipe is a great one for adding colour, fibre and flavour to your Yukon picnics. Make ahead since it will, like us, improve with age. Beans – both fresh green and canned — add valuable fibre to our diets. Beans contain oligosaccharides, a …

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The Great Garbanzo

Garbanzo beans, although relatively bland, have a rich texture that can be easily perked up with herbs and spices. For vegetarians, legumes are a standard source of protein, so variety in the bean preparation is always welcome. In this garbanzo patty recipe, a food processor makes light of the work. The Garbanzo Stew can be …

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