Bear Country

Human Errors Re: Bears

Sadly some human errors are fatal mistakes when bears are involved. Bears are somewhat predictable, but there are many exceptions to that rule. As a result, humans must always err on the side of caution when in bear country. Recent photos in the news from Banff show two separate situations where a human has moved …

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There’s a Bear in my Yard!

Whether your yard is a camp-site, the area around your cabin or your fenced residential property, it is still disconcerting and sometimes frightening to have a bear that close to you. It’s more common than we realize because a bear may check out your space and finding nothing to attract and hold it there, and …

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Bear Country: A Tale of Two Halloweens

Halloween is a big event along the Hudson Bay coast. Along with the costumed trick-or-treaters you can find an armed patrol of RCMP, Manitoba Conservation Officers and community volunteers all dispatched to ensure that no polar bears enter the community. Before the sun rises, Manitoba Conservation’s Polar Bear Alert program begins their daily patrol for …

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Bear Country: The Hard Living Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba

It is mid-October, and that signals a switch from grizzlies to polar bears for me. Each year, I make the journey back to Churchill, Manitoba for ‘bear season,” six weeks in October and November when polar bears and polar bear tourists gather along the coast of Hudson Bay. Churchill is a strange place—a place of …

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Bear Country: Maybe Baby

It’s the time of year when bears start to think about hibernating—filling up their bellies with the last berries of this year’s not-so-great crop. Although judging by the bear’s steamy traces along our road, they are definitely finding berries somewhere. I haven’t dissected these stool samples but I’m told they should contain a random mix …

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