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Beer Cache

A word (or two) about What’s Up Yukon

With not one, but two new editors now in harness at What’s Up Yukon, our loyal readers may be wondering what that means and how their magazine might be changing.To answer those questions, here’s part of a cyber-chat...

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Sugar and Spice and … Bacon

Most people know that beer is made from water, barley, hops and yeast. The big four. If you were to glance around the shelves of the local liquor store, you might of course notice that some styles, such as Hefeweizens, are...

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Organic Beer: Beer Cache Gets Serious

Want to proudly face your beer bottle label forward at parties this summer? Purchasing an organic beer is one way to do just that.When it comes to the environmental impact of drinking beer, the three biggies are transportation...

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Shootin’ the Brews: Skagway Edition

Last weekend, Beer Cache had the amazing opportunity to spend the better part of a day with Trevor Clifford, head brewer at Skagway Brewing Co., Skagway, Alaska.Spring-boarding from an established ribbon-winning homebrewer to...

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Where there’s smoke, there’s porter

Full disclosure: we really wanted to compare two smoked porters for this article, but quite frankly there is so much to say about our first contestant that we don’t have time to talk about what’s behind Door No....

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Not the New Kid on the Block

Nobody likes a beer snob. Even beer snobs don’t like beer snobs.So, when someone wrinkles their nose at a Bud Light and then reaches for a Chimay Rouge, it’s hard not to get your back up as they start talking about...

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Chocolate + Porter = Genius

One of the swell new editors of WUY dropped us an email on the weekend inquiring about the status of our column, and casually mentioned that they were sipping on a Phillips Longboat Chocolate Porter at the time of writing.You...

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