Honeybees in a hive

The Art Of Slowing Down

Friends who know me may well be wondering why on earth Amanda Mouchet is writing about the art of slowing down.

The Bee Diaries – April 2016

The gentle, warm summer breeze touched our faces as we stood watching the bees. The bees were just doing their thing: flying in and out of the hive, gathering pollen.  Suddenly we noticed a large black cloud forming in the southwest. Within minutes of us spying that dark cloud the bees started flying back to the …

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Where are the Bees?

With summer comes the sound of songbirds and the hum of insects. Often insects are seen as nuisances — pests that need bug dope to keep them away. And while I absolutely hate biting bugs there are some insects I find very interesting and necessary for gardening. With ladybugs around aphids won’t be a problem …

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Pollination: Let the Bees Do It

With the days getting longer and nights warmer, the plants in your greenhouse should be thriving. Your greenhouse plants, tomatoes, cucumbers or squash, may start to send out their first flush of flowers. If you’ve bought plants locally, you may have bought plants with flowers or even little tomatoes already on the vine. If this …

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