Ben Mahony

Year of the… Grease?

“We were going to push the boundaries of what a house concert on a private property could accomplish,” says Pick.

The Many Faces of Claire Ness

I’m in the ‘98 drinking water (sober January) and waiting for Claire Ness to arrive. “London Calling” by The Clash is playing, which, for some reason, doesn’t feel out of place here. Once Claire arrives, the first topic we land on is her upcoming adventure with her Frenchman: they are looking for the sweet chassis …

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The Story About Very Little

Here’s my dilemma: it’s 9:30 on Thursday night and I need to “put the paper to bed” by the end of the night. Everything else in complete, except my Jabbering. It’s been a long week for me (as I’m sure it has been for many) and I’m not feeling very inspired. On top of that, Ben …

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Squirrely Taxidermy

Sure, you’ve seen a moose head mounted on a wall before. It probably had really big antlers, too. But was it re-enacting a scene from Dirty Dancing? Or perhaps guarding a chest full of pirate treasure? This month, Cindy Klippenstein’s new exhibit Fur and Loathing is open at Northern Front Studio in Waterfront Station. The …

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Supporting the Scene

The Yukon holds a certain charm in the eye of an artist. It could be the simple beauty of the place, or perhaps the opportunities it provides. Whatever the case, the arts community is strong here, and the music scene is perhaps the biggest of all. Get involved with the local music crowd, or just …

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The Yukon rocks Vancouver

Yukon musicians will be entertaining Vancouverites this week, which is nice, but … “I see this as a huge marketing initiative,” says Debbie Peters of Magnum Opus Management, the event producer. “A lot of these performers see this as a launching pad.” And such a nice launching pad it is, too. The Railway Club is …

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This is Spinal Tap??

Ben Mahony is on a roll. Backed by Rob “Roxx Hunter” Hunter on electric guitar and Ian March on drums, Mahony is cycling through an insane series of cover songs that includes Don’t Fear the Reaper, Whole Lotta Love, Prove My Love, Play That Funky Music and Sweet Child of Mine. He shifts into a …

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