Big Mama Lele

How Foster Care Shapes Lives

Amelia Merhar knows what it’s like to be a foster child, to go from home to home, and to be without a home at all. She wonders how that movement affects young people today, so she’s asking them to tell us, through art. Merhar, also known as Yukon’s singing, ukulele-playing Big Mama Lele, has just …

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School’s out for the Summer

Amelia Merhar, better known in the Yukon music scene as Big Mama Lele,  ended her Graduation Tour on May 10 in Fairbanks. The occasion? She’s finally  graduated university. Those familiar with her “FOMO Song” know why her  graduation warrants an international tour.  “I’ve been changing the major of my bachelors since 2004,” she jokes. “Ten  …

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Too Hot To Stop

Sexy, smart, sassy, sultry, superfragilisticexpialidocious: five words Big Mama Lele uses to describe her music, and it’s pretty spot on. With titles like “Dirty Old Man” and “Montreal Boys,” as well as soulful pipes to go with her twangy ukulele tunes, it’s hard to stop listening. Big Mama Lele, a.k.a. Amelia Merhar, started singing and …

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Get Ready for a Heavy Metal Hallowe’en

Halloween isn’t just for kids, and neither is Heavy Metal Hallowe’en, an all-ages benefit concert scheduled for Saturday, October 30 at Takhini Arena. Featuring new and established bands, the show promises to be a treat for everyone. The trick is to come early. Started by Tundra Punk Chris, Heavy Metal Hallowe’en has become an annual …

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Now we are here, in Zenadu

“The idea was Patrick’s,” says Bill Polonsky, the “media guy” for the upcoming Zenadu Music Festival. “He was saying there is this place he knows of – there were some raves out there and a winter concert – and they called it ‘Paradise’.” So, in an AAMF-less summer, they decided to throw a music festival …

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Big Mama’s Demo Debut

Amelia Merhar plays different kinds of metal. Last year she fronted an all-female heavy metal band, Carnal Romance. Now, in her persona of Big Mama Lele and the Juicy Jugs, she’s released her first demo CD, Letters are Better, a collection of songs she performs on a metallic resonator ukulele. Merhar packaged the CD as …

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