It’s All In The Sign

When the animal you are tracking comes into question, just keep walking … You can clearly see the difference in the poop.

Bicycle bison hunt

The Porter Creek Secondary School bison hunt changed from a snowmobile hunt to a bicycle hunt due to lack of snow in March. The planning had been done for the 13 participants, six students, six adults (staff and parents) and Hunter Education Coordinator, Jim Welsh. The Porter Creek Secondary School group was part of the …

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Living With Wildlife – Meibol MacDougall

    I captured these photos of wildlife while traveling around the Yukon Camera: Canon D70 [box] We invite you to share your photos of Yukon wildlife. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what’s going on and what camera equipment you used to [email protected][/box]

Steak tacos

Tacos are ideal for camping because you don’t really need a plate or utensils to eat them. And if you mix the sauce before you leave, there’s really minimal prep for your taco camping feast. You could even buy a bag of pre-sliced coleslaw mix and have it do a bit of double duty on your trip.

Chicken fried bison steaks

While I love using bison steaks, you can totally use any sort of lean, quick cooking steak you’ve got – moose, caribou, even beef.

Baked spaghetti with bison

Everyone has that dish that they always order when they find it on a menu – and for the lovely man that keeps my freezer well stocked with beautiful wild game, that dish is baked spaghetti.

A wild and wonderful night

This weekend the Yukon Fish and Game Association (YFGA) is hosting their annual Wild Game Banquet at the High Country Inn. The event will include the usual camaraderie as well as the awards from the Big Bull Night, which took place in November, a silent auction, and a feast of Yukon harvested wild game. Cocktails …

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Bison and Squash Nikujaga

INGREDIENTS Large drizzle of canola oil 1½ lbs bison stew meat ¼ cup brown sugar ¼ cup soy sauce ¼ cup sliced fresh ginger 1 tsp grated lemon zest 2 cups water 1 lb kabocha squash, seeded and cubed (you can leave the skin on if you’re using kabocha. If you’re substituting another squash it’s …

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Filipino Spaghetti with Bison

Filipino spaghetti is the perfect food; it’s meaty, savory, sweet and cheesy. And it’s filled with hot dogs. This recipe uses bison.

Bison Bao

Steamed buns filled with a variety of meat and vegetables are a dim sum classic. This version is bison filled and spiced with ginger, garlic and chili paste but season the filling to your liking if you’re in the mood for something a bit more spicy. These buns also freeze beautifully, and reheat well popped …

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Bison: From the Edge of Extinction

People driving down the highway may see a few bison, and never realize that this animal was at one time on the very edge of extinction. The bison made  some people extremely wealthy, others kept some people from starvation, some were shot for sport from a traveling railway cars, herds were driven over cliffs simply for …

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My Yukon Bison Hunt

There’s something special about waking up in a cabin with a bunch of peers who all want the same thing: to catch a bison. It puts a goal in everyone’s head, a sense of unity. There is also the excitement and thrill that this could be the day, the day we finally get that elusive …

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Bison Hunt Part 1 of 5

It is the plains bison that thundered across the plains of North America in the days of the golden west, but it is the larger wood bison that roam free in the Yukon. Brought here in the 1980s and released into the wild a couple of years later, herd growth has been much more successful …

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Soooo Cute

Some pretty cute babies have been born at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve this spring. There are several sheep lambs, four lynx kittens, a mule deer fawn and a caribou calf. And their cuteness is drawing people out to see them. “Babies are the big hit,” says Marjorie Powers, a volunteer at the preserve. “They all …

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Time for Bison

If your family or circle of friends didn’t harvest any bison this fall, don’t despair as bison is now  available in local grocery stores. As steaks, ground mince or roasts, bison is a high source of protein, iron and B vitamins. Russian influences, during early Alaskan days, is evident in some Klondike recipes such as …

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Road Trip Reveals Yukoners’ Fortune

Irecently attended my cousin Jessica’s wedding in Vancouver. Since the wedding was the first stop in an extended holiday, we decided to drive. Long, yes, but the weather was perfect, the scenery beautiful and, for wildlife viewing, I was not disappointed. Our first big encounter was bison. While I am fortunate to see bison most …

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