Want to Try a New Restaurant?

In less than a year, Erin Loxam has found her way to the heart of the Yukon — through its stomach. While still a cheechako, she has visited more local restaurants than any sourdough, and has done us the good service of writing about her dining experiences on her blog All Yukon Eat. When she moved …

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Start a blog

Blogging is “a dangerous medium for personal exposure.” So says Andrew Robulack, a Whitehorse technophile, columnist and long-time blogger. He’s nailed the definition. Broadcasting your opinions, memories, successes, and frustrations, in the most public forum yet devised, is everything Andrew asserts. So you wouldn’t expect many people to write a “web log,” the name once …

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Yukon Bloggers Unite!

We all feel the cold, we all see the change in the seasons, and we all appreciate the vast Yukon landscape.” Darren, who writes in his blog The Wind Blows North, reminds us of what all Yukoners have in common, especially when the north wind does blow. In the spring of 2006, Whitehorse entrepreneur and …

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