Brandon Isaak: Spiritual Undertones

After two acoustic solo albums, Bluesman’s Plea (2011) & Here on Earth (2014), Brandon Isaak’s Spiritual Undertones marks a departure.

A Shining Star

Songs are almost like children, having a little life of their own. Thorin Loeks on his second album, Shine Through The Dark.

Living Blues Legends

Director Daniel Cross visits the southern United States with his latest documentary I am The Blues (2016), highlighting living blues legends in the heart of American music origins. As it became more ingrained into the South’s economy during the antebellum years in the early to late 1800s, the cultivation of cotton brought a heavy concentration …

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Aroused and Ecstatic

Ping pong might be what prevents Shawn Hall from harpooning Matt Rogers, or keeps Rogers from dismembering his musical partner with an axe. The duo known as The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer discovered the stress-relieving game in London, England during a recent tour. “We went to a night club and there were 75 ping …

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Folks Rocking the Blues with Soul

Whitehorse-resident Selina Heyligers-Hare, or as she’s billed in the upcoming Blue Feather Music Festival, Selina H., is only 18 years old. She just graduated from high school. However, she has 13 years of experience making music and can hold her own on a big stage. When Heyligers-Hare was five years old she started playing the …

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Crazy ’bout a Mercury

Local musician Ryan McNally really does have himself a Mercury, which he definitely does cruise up and down the road.

That Guy with the Sax

Howard Chymyshyn (aka Chymy) was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta in 1946 (my mom was born in the very same town 10 years later). His parents were both in the Army, and when Howard was young, the family moved to rural Manitoba. At that time, everyone was afraid of the atom bomb so they kept …

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They Call Me The Breeze

“To be a musician’s musician is the biggest achievement that I could Such is the case of J.J. Cale. I must admit my prejudice going into this thing; I have not been on the Internet for almost two years. I would have never believed I’d be telling a social media audience that I got to …

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Cool comes to Coasters

Donald Ray Johnson may be the coolest to come to Whitehorse. He’ll play Coasters with Yukoners Dave Haddock, Brandon Isaak and Ed White.

Rocking the Blues

Montréal native Ryan McNally has loved the blues since he was nine years old … although if you grew up in his hometown you might not know it. With a background playing in bands dedicated to hip hop, metal and rockabilly music (all the while he was playing blues on his own) it’s only recently …

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Twisting With the Blues

As you may know, the poetry of the blues is full of metaphors that allude to acts involving one’s naughty bits. Often lyrics will allude to acts of defiance that, as in the case of Jim Crow-era America, name the oppressor in an ambiguous manner. As to the former, witness if you will a recording …

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Dancing on the Tables

A few days before flying to Whitehorse, Matt Minglewood will be in Toronto accepting a Maple Blues Award for lifetime achievement as a bluesman. The eclectic Cape Breton singer-songwriter could just as easily be picking up honours for his work in such genres as country, rock, roots, or folk music. “I’ve never been one to …

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A Signature Honour

When a total stranger approached Brandon Isaak after a Twisters gig in Germany a few years back, saying he wanted to build a guitar for him, Isaak’s response was positive, but guarded. “Most of the time when people tell you that, you don’t really believe them,” the Whitehorse-raised bluesman admits. In the case of Daniel …

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A Little Off the Top: Stereotypes and Beyond

On June 11, 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper rose in the House of Commons to issue a formal apology for Canada’s century-long Indian residential school policy. That same Wednesday evening, a new play called Where the Blood Mixes burst upon the Canadian theatre scene at the Magnetic North Theatre Festival in Vancouver, B.C. The two …

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Singing the Alaska Highway

Brandon Isaak almost trashed his musical career before it started. “I didn’t see it. I stepped on it, broke it in half”

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