Starting off on the right foot.

Starting off on the right foot

Walking, hiking or backpacking is one of the most uncomplicated ways to connect with the natural world.

Footwear and foot care

Our feet suffer less and work longer when they are cared for and housed in proper fitting, good quality footwear.

Elder with childs beaded slippers

Caribou Boots & Banana Bread

Since moving to Old Crow more than four decades ago Elizabeth (Liz) Kaye has kept a busy and active lifestyle in the community,

Boot Care

A high-quality, well-made pair of hiking boots will probably cost you much more than your sleeping bag and almost as much as your tent. Having laid out all that cash, you’ll probably want the boots to last for a few years and that is certainly possible with a little TLC. If you’ve cared for the …

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Warm Feet, Happy Feet

Everyone has had cold feet ruin or at least negatively impact an otherwise great day. Our feet are some distance away from our body heat source and are constantly in contact with cold ground, water and snow. Treat them right and you’ll stay happy. This is doubly important with kids’ feet because their misery becomes …

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