Bruce Johnson

Beautiful music begins with a Squeak & Squawk

It was 8 p.m. and the hallways of Porter Creek Secondary School had seldom been more clogged. Anxious faces, nervous chatter, hands gripping shiny new musical instruments just tightly enough so as not to drop them, but not so tightly that they would bend. So, how tight is that? They filled four hallways leading toward …

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All about band

Interruption after interruption—welcome ones—grab Bruce Johnson’s attention as students seek him out. One student strides in, snapping her chewing gum while looking confident and comfortable in an “I feel right at home” kind of way, to which Johnson, the band teacher at F. H. Collins, responds, “You can take your theory and go work.” She …

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What comes after ‘Squeak & Squawk’?

Face plants in spaghetti, snow wars and, in “more peaceable times”, snow angels … It’s all part of the fun at the band retreat for F.H. Collins and Porter Creek secondary schools Grade 8 students. Rebekah Bell, band teacher at Porter Creek Secondary School and her husband, Bruce Johnson, band teacher at F.H. Collins Secondary …

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The one and only Dessert & Dance

“No.”  The answer came from Rebekah Bell and Bruce Johnston in the perfect unison you would expect from two band teachers – from Porter Creek and F.H. Collins Secondary School, respectively. The question was if they would add an extra Dessert & Dance this year since it is so popular and raises money for the All-City …

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