Burning Away Winter Blues

We Burnt It Away

This past weekend, Yukoners burnt away their winter blues at the annual festival of the same name.Photographer Dylan Nelson was there to capture the action.

Burn Away the Dark Times

The Yukon winter is so long that Dawson City-based filmmaker Suzanne Crocker once said winter has its own seasons. Most Yukoners I know divide their very existence between their “winter” and “summer” selves. More often than not, winter versions mirror the still, silent, and slow environment outside our frosty windows. Unfailingly, I spend each spring …

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Burn this winter away

This could be the most-anticipated Burning Away the Winter Blues event in its history. says Arlin McFarlane. “It has been a long winter.”

group around fire

Winter blues will burn

there is something infinitely satisfying about being a part of a torch-carrying mob on its determined way to burn a false god

Fired Up About A Snake Effigy

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes and Alanna Warner, a Whitehorse artist, recently found hers in a toy snake. After discovering the toy, which was made from a wooden dowel and designed to replicate the movements of snake, it became the perfect symbol for Burning Away the Winter Blues event, which takes place on …

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The Blahs Get a Good Exorcise

Man, could I ever have used a Rendezvous this year. The past month was a particularly dark sinkhole of a time for yours truly, and unfortunately these flatlanders in the town they call “Toon”, only seem to get together and celebrate when the Riders are on the field. I’m not sure exactly how February got …

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The Blues for Burning

As a theatre designer, Stéphanie Lambert is used to creating things that aren’t meant to last. But not all of them are destined to go up in flames. That’s what will happen this weekend when her four-faced effigy of winter is sacrificed on a ceremonial bonfire at Robert Service Park. Lambert, a 2008 graduate in …

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Anatomy of an Effigy

Brian Oman wants to put the winter blues behind him this weekend. The young baker is now in his fourth Yukon winter. “Just sitting around for the winter, waiting for summer to come, to be more productive and get on with my life, is really the big challenge I’ve had since I came to Whitehorse. …

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