Camino de Santiago

Janet Patterson: Walking together

Janet Patterson, recipient of the Jenni House Residency is a multimedia artist whose work is focused on the history of the land we travel on.

Small world, eh?

It’s a small world, at least along one of its dimensions – the line between Canada and Spain. There I was in Spain a few months ago walking the Camino de Santiago, a 1200 year old pilgrimage route, and already I’d met an orthodontist from Ottawa and two retirees from Saskatoon who knew friends of mine.

This is the way…

March is the perfect time of year to plan ahead for a “camino.” April and May in Spain offer green fields flecked with red poppies, storks nesting in bell towers, cuckoos calling in the woods and grape flowers smelling sweet on the vines. Camino means “way” or “road” in Spanish. The Camino de Santiago, or …

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The Power of ‘the camino’

It’s a walk, it’s a pilgrimage. It’s called “the camino” and it has the power to make people feel called to do it, the power to make people talk about it, the power to draw people back to do it again.

The Sopranos, the Camino de Santiago, and How the World Hangs Together

Last night I watched episode 1 of the Sopranos, the mafia-family television series that became hugely popular at the turn of the century . It was fun, funny, violent, and vulgar; and I liked it a lot. I haven’t watched The Sopranos before, but it’s often cited as instgating “the television revolution”, wherein television began …

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