Camping! The beauty, majesty and ruggedness of the Yukon landscape attracts campers from all over the world who crave a unique experience under the midnight sun. The Yukon has it all. Mountains, lakes, rivers and endless trees – all creating the perfect backdrop for an RV adventure or tenting under the open sky. Dozens of government operated sites are open to tenters or those traveling in vehicles and RVs and some of those campgrounds offer boat launches, swimming areas and even playgrounds for the kids. Most have easy access to quality trails for hikers and cyclists and offer excellent opportunities to catch a glimpse of the Yukon’s famous wildlife like foxes, moose, caribou, bison and even bears. Regions where camping at government-run sites is available in the Yukon include, Campbell, Klondike, Kluane, Silver Trail, Southern Lakes, Liard, Northern and Arctic and Whitehorse. In all, there are over 50 road-accessible (and day-use) recreation site in the territory. However, camping in the Yukon is on a first come, first served basis. Don’t forget your fishing rod, axe for splitting wood (all Yukon campgrounds offer un-split fire wood), cozy camp chairs, marshmallows, friends, family and the dog (or dogs) and get ready to take in as much beauty and majesty as you can during your outdoor adventures at one of the many Yukon campgrounds (or all of them for that matter!). For more information check out the Government of Yukon at:

Cat Camping

Cat Camping

Camping with a cat can be both rewarding. Howie the cat got his first taste of camping in the Yukon and made some memories along the way.

Government Camping Fees Set to Rise This Year

World Class. That’s an adjective that sums up the beauty, majesty and ruggedness that is the Yukon landscape. So it’s no wonder that people from all over the world make a visit to the territory a bucket-list priority to fulfill dreams of endless hiking, biking, fishing and hunting, to name a few. Also not surprising …

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Old Boler, older bones

The Boler trailer was built in Manitoba around 1973. It’s not as old as my old bones, for sure, but there are a number of similarities.

Hot tips for cold camping

Let’s start from the ground up. There’s a reason thick sleeping pads are a hot item, so to speak. The more insulation you have from the ground, the more you’ll increase your warmth.

Camping: Timesaving tips

Foul weather can wreck more than your mood when you’re out camping and hunting moose. Simple tips and tricks.


Many situations need a fire, right now! An emergency or something you come upon. May not even be an emergency or survival situation, yet.

Ziplocs and vacuum-sealing

Great for camping, canoeing and hunting, ziplocs are watertight. It can rain for days and the items in your Ziploc bags will still be dry.

Doomsday camping on Top of the World – Part 5 of 6

Grandpa, if a giant asteroid was on target to collide with Earth and everyone knew the exact day and time of the explosion to blow up the planet, where would you want to go camping for the last night?

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