Canada’s first superheroine saved from obscurity

There’s no need to be a closet comic nerd anymore. The genre has exploded into accepted popularity over the last 10 years and it’s definitely something worth openly celebrating. If you’re like me, however, and relatively new to the scene, you might be surprised to find the roots of Canadian comic artists went mainstream more …

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At Home at Sea

“Ship’s logs, myths, stories of quiet exaltation and wrenching lamentations can all become poetry when the experience resonates deeply with the rhythm of the human heart…”— Anita Hadley in the introduction to Spindrift: A Canadian Book of the Sea. The sea, in Anita Hadley’s view, may not be a tangible part of your everyday, but …

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What it means to be Canadian by Greg Talbot

For me to be a Canadian in the force of life I had no choice in the matter, to be a Canadian, and a Yukon Canadian at that. this is why I am glad I’am a Yukon Canadian.

What it means to be Canadian by James Welscott

Canadian – Living in one of Canada’s capitols, near the Arctic Circle Canadian – Including Canada’s unique makeup of nationalities and indigenous peoples cultures Canadian- Braving the cold Canadian- Embracing vast swaths of wilderness, forest, tundra and the rocky mountains

Ode to a Canadian by John Birmingham

Ode to a Canadian It’s a feeling, an understanding of sorts It’s an emotion arriving without court That runs through the bones A quiet confidence spread across many zones Every sport is enjoyed by those wanting A tolerance, some patience, the results not for flaunting Amazing homeland, fascinating to see Proud of our history, with …

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Multiple Nations by Nicole Schroeder

Multiple Nations. Leisurely dancing blades of grain, The stark brightness amidst a dark sky, Forceful mountains of snow graced across terrain. This is where I am from. Neglected and seemingly silenced moments of shame, Stolen, pilfered ancient histories and land, The stagnant wait of truth, reconciliation to be named. This is where I am from. …

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Eh? to Zed. by Brendan Morphet

What It Means to be Canadian Poem Contest Eh? to Zed. by Brendan Morphet: Tims in hand, cross country drive has begun.

Soaring by Mary Ellen O’Brien

Soaring A red and white kite Soars in the sky, red maple leaf Dazzling in the sun It begins its journey in the east Threading its way from red beaches, dense forests, rock-faced shields Great lakes, prairie skies, to rocky mountains The journey from ocean to ocean The current shifts north to majestic mountains untouched …

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Honeymooners Head to Augusta

When Abbotsford’s Adam Hadwin, 29, defeated American Patrick Cantlay on the final hole of the Valspar Championship in Florida on March 12 to win the first PGA Tour title of his career, his life changed forever when the winning putt fell into the cup. All of a sudden instead of going on his honeymoon to …

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Remembering Japanese Canadian Soldiers of WWI

Remembrance Day has taken more meaning for me lately.  Recently Yukon Archives shared some information about some Japanese from Dawson City who served in the First World War. This was a complete surprise to me. I wondered, Why would they serve? The Dawson Daily News of June 21, 1918 reported that there were five Japanese …

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Calls to Action

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) Calls to Action task all sectors of Canadian society to make changes that will affect “the way things are done” between First Nations people and non-First Nation Canadians. The TRC came about as a way to address the legacy of residential schools, and to help to reconcile relations between …

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Ich Bin Ein Yukoner

Happy Birthday, Canada! You have come into your own these past 141 years, warmly regarded as a place of strong values, freedom and a sense of community taking care of community. Canada, you have never forgotten that you were born of the world. You have shed blood in wars that beat back that, which we …

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Good for What Ails Ya

I’m a walking mass of contagion. Well, if I were honest, I’m currently reclining on an IKEA futon, propped up precisely so that I don’t leak mucous onto the keyboard. I got a good ol’ “knock you on your arse” cold. More than just your usual sniffles, I have the kind of infection that makes …

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The seven strings of Lenny Breau

He calls it, “The Lenny Moment.” “I found myself frozen as music played the way I’ve never heard it before,” says Pierre Brault, a veteran Canadian playwright and actor who has performed in operas and Shakespearean and contemporary plays. He is speaking of the first time he “experienced” the music of Lenny Breau. His taste …

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Wine on the Go

Last week I was cornered by someone who asked what her options were for taking wine along on a paddling trip. For me, part of the experience of enjoying the outdoors is to end a day with friends by setting up camp with a great view, a good dinner and a glass or two of …

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An Evening of Fine Pairings

For at least 4,000 years, wine drinkers have chosen food to accompany certain wines and vise versa. When I imagine trying a good wine, it is always in a setting around a table or gathered with friends, and food is always a part of the picture. I worry that the North American wine industry has …

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