Old-Fashioned Marmalades from Grandmother Davenport’s Recipes

INGREDIENTS Oranges Peaches Sugar METHOD Wash the oranges and then cut in half lengthwise. Place on a flat surface and cut into thin slices. Hold the slices together and slice through again to make smaller pieces. Wash the peaches but do not skin them. Slice peaches into ⅓-inch thick at the widest edge of the …

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Ode to Nellie

If you have a glass or cup of something handy, get it ready. At the end of this piece we’re going to raise a glass to a woman named Nellie. You might want to get a handful of penny candy too … you’ll see why. Nellie and her husband (whose first name I never knew) …

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Candied Blood Oranges

Citrus is everywhere this time of year. And while stuffing yourself with fresh fruit while it’s around is a solid choice, those of us who tend towards gastronomic squirreling are on the look-out for interesting ways to preserve seasonal ingredients. Unless you’re a serious marmalade lover (in which case you’ve probably sorted yourself out already) …

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It’s All About the Candy

Our little apartment in Old Crow is in full Halloween mode; my mom mailed up decorations, and our crib is sporting the spooky colours, orange and black. It’s the first year that our daughter Emily is kind of grasping the concept of taking candy from strangers. The last two years, I basically made her my …

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What Your Favourite Candy Says About You

Welcome to the annual celebration of low impulse control known as Halloween. Children can anticipate the sheer volume and variety of candy tha t is bound their way. For adults, Halloween presents a more complex decision-making task. That is, which candy to purchase for the Halloween night giveaway. For some, buying candy is merely a …

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