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Canning for Gold

Pickled Rosemary Carrots

Bring on the cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice – it’s fall! My Facebook has been blowing up with harvest pictures: oversized squash, pounds of potatoes, and buckets of berries. I’ve also been seeing pictures of other people’s...

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Curry Cauliflower Pickles

When I was a kid, we had yellow curry powder in the house for exactly three dishes: curriedrice with raisins, curried chicken steamed buns and these deliciously addictive curried crab puffs my parents would make for special...

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Raspberry Jam

I recently discovered a great trick for keeping strawberries fresher for longer: wash them in aone part vinegar to 10-parts water solution, then leave them out to dry before storing them in the fridge. There’s no vinegar...

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Chunky Chipotle Salsa

What do robots dip in salsa? Microchips! Salsa is the Spanish and Italian word for ‘sauce’, and besides being incredibly easy to prepare (chop stuff up and mix together), it’s also flexible in its variation.Salsa can be made out...

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Cumin Mango Chutney

Having trouble finding uses for your abundant mango crops? Look no further than this exoticchutney, combining the bright, tropical flavour of mango with the warm, spicy-sweet tones of cumin.If you’ve never had it before, chutney...

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Wine Jelly

My first try at making wine jelly occurred recently while visiting myhometown of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. My mom and I spent an afternoon together attempting a wine jelly and a cherry whisky jam. I say “attempting” because the...

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