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Canning And Pickles

A Passion for Preserving

If you love the gentle pop-pop-popping of a jar lid, you might just be a home canner.For Michelle Christensen-Toews, it’s one of the many satisfying things about preserving food.“You only hear it as you’re clearing up. You’re...

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Fireweed Jelly

Fireweed JellyYield: approximately 15 x 125 ml jarsIngredients:8 cups fireweed blossoms (no stems or leaves)¼ cup lemon juice4 ½ cups water2 packages powdered pectin5 cups sugarMethod:Collect the fireweed blossoms. Avoid the...

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Deep Fried Pickles

Bar snacks are the best. Any sort of deep fried appy always gets my attention. And deep fried pickles catch my gaze more so than the rest. Being a pickle lover I generally have all the ingredients on hand to be able to make up a...

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Growing in the Dark

I was reminded of the importance of seedling density as I wandered away from my usual mung beans and lentils into tiny seed territory recently.While I do enjoy the little sprouts – alfalfas and mustards and the like – I normally...

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For the Love of Tomatoes

Allow me take you back to some 65 years to a recipe dated in my mother’s hand written book as 1951. That was a memorable year for me as I had waited patiently for years to reach 18, so I could join the Air Force without my...

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Tools of the Trade

You know that thing you’ve had for years and haven’t been quite willing to part with, though you haven’t yet discovered its particular niche? Mine is a small hand-crank cast iron meat grinder, and the niche has...

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