Meet Cassandra the carpenter

Carpentry has made my life better by giving me a job I love. I don’t dread getting up in the morning and am happy to go to a job I like with a crew that feels like family.

Thoughtfully Thrifty

“To have local students take part in the project gives us something to be proud of,” he says. “Yukon College is always trying to meet the needs of the communities and having input from them is always helpful.” Five females and three males ranging from ages 18 to 61 participated in the project. “Having women …

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The Bee Diaries – April 2016

The gentle, warm summer breeze touched our faces as we stood watching the bees. The bees were just doing their thing: flying in and out of the hive, gathering pollen.  Suddenly we noticed a large black cloud forming in the southwest. Within minutes of us spying that dark cloud the bees started flying back to the …

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No Roof Too Small

I am tempted to call building your own house the ultimate DIY project. I don’t mean selecting from a range of floorplans and materials and managing your contractors. I mean learning the basics of design, framing, finishing carpentry, electrical wiring etc and then putting it all into practice to get a roof over your head. …

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Say it with a Craft Project

Mark your calendar: Feb. 11, between 6 and 9 p.m. is the All Ages Valentine Craft Night. This free public event is sponsored by YuKonstruct, located at 135 Industrial Road. Nominally priced kits for the special Valentine craft are available; step by step instructions for completion – and volunteers – will assist participants; and miscellaneous …

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Winter is Coming

Over the past few years the gardens have been producing more and more vegetables. So, come fall we start to look for places to store the root crops for the winter. Our main root crops are potatoes and carrots, which need a dark, cool space with a bit of humidity. We have been storing them …

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Carpenters can be a ‘certified’ success

“When I was coming up through the trade, journeymen carpenters were these grey-haired ninjas … Yodas,” says Bill Johnstone, a Whitehorse carpenter. “But I’ve worked with journeymen who are 26. Some of the younger guys have the schooling, but not the workplace smarts, so there is some give and take.” More and more it is …

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Artists Disguised as Carpenters

Ogilvie General Contracting is a small company; Graydon Keenan is it. And he and his long time friend Jona Barr took his first big project together. It wasn’t just any job. This was for their friend Elijah Stick’s mom, Jan. “I knew I wanted to make it special for Jan,” he says. “She’s like family …

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Tiny Homes for Big Change

It’s no secret that Yukon communities feel pinched when it comes to housing, employment,  and capacity. Carcross/Tagish First Nation (CTFN) has an innovative program to address all three at once Between now and the end of May, 16 CTFN members will be counting hours towards their carpentry apprenticeships while building what are called tiny houses, …

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Beautifying Your Space

Deanna Slonski has always had a flair for interior design. “My parents owned a furniture and appliance store when I was a kid,” she says. “I worked there helping people pick out items and fitting them together – essentially I was the in-store decorator. I’ve always had a passion for it, I’ve always loved it, …

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