Healing Through Art

Dennis Shorty created his first sculpture when he was eight years old. It was a moose carved out of poplar with a burbot fish skull for antlers and a bit of “fish glue” to hold them in place. He was proud of the sculpture and showed his father, Alec Shorty. Alec told the young carver …

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A growing passion

“People ask me, ‘how long have you been an artist?’, and it’s been since I was really young. It’s always been a big thing of mine,” Norm Matechuk says with a laugh. “Eventually it came back to wood turning, but I always did art of some sort, like metal sculpting.” With his cap and jacket …

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Carving a Connection

It all started with a vision. Sundog Carving teacher and Tlingit Master Carver Wayne Price stepped through the doorway of Sundog one afternoon in the spring of 2009 and announced what he had envisioned: he saw a dugout canoe, hand-carved through the talents of the Sundog students, and a living tribute to their ancestry. The …

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Ken Anderson’s Mixed-Media Mastery

Established traditions meld with new medias to create a generational twist on heritage art with Ken Anderson‘s newest show. “They didn’t have lasers to etch glass art when this style was standard,” says Anderson of his eclectic mix of traditional style drawn, etched and shaped using new medias. “And now I’m taking the standard and …

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Finding Wonder in Wood

The subtle aromas of cedar, basswood and paint scent the air in the Arts Underground gallery as you view the representations of frog, raven, eagle, wolf and other figures in the Northern Cultural Expressions Sundog Carving Program exhibition. Each work reveals the patience and gestures of the hands that worked on them. Some artists choose …

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Carving a Future from the Past

Art and healing go hand-in-hand for Wayne Price. The Tlingit master carver from Haines, Alaska, is in Whitehorse to oversee the creation of a totem pole with carvers from the Northern Cultural Expressions Society (NCES), formerly known as Sundog Carvers. Unlike all but one of the 28 previous totems Price has done, this is not …

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