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Christmas Crockpot Candy

This delicious mélange of peanuts, chocolate, and almond bark has become a family favourite.6. Allow to harden for at least 1 hour.7. Enjoy responsibly!Notes:Be careful though…Christmas Crack is extremely addictive.  It is...

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All Tarted Up

I extracted a small tub of raspberries from the freezer yesterday, comforted to see it near overflowing with the season’s harvest. Though saskatoons and blueberries came in in droves this year, the raspberries that made it...

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A Puff of Humbug

I have read A Christmas Carol many times, but I can’t seem to recall is ifEbenezer Scrooge smoked a cigar or a pipe, or even smoked at all.Perhaps Mr. Scrooge (prior to his ghostly visits) would have been too penny...

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