Christmas Tree

Yukon Trees in Winter

Trees that naturally grow in and around Whitehorse There are only three families of trees represented in the southwest Yukon. Sounds easy enough? It isn’t, so don’t feel bad if you can’t see the trees for the forest. The willow family (Salicaceae): willow and poplar The birch family (Betulaceae): alder and birch The pine family …

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Winter Anticipation

December is the Friday of the year. The whole month is filled with giddy anticipation for the budding winter wonderland, parallel to the giddy anticipation one feels for the weekend, while staring at the clock Friday afternoon. That’s when the wise ones will let us know that Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect. Our idealist …

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Celebrating Traditions of the Holiday Season

There are few holidays more revered in tradition than Christmas. In our hearts and minds, Christmas holds a special place all its own. For most of us, we recall the traditions of Christmas as nostalgia that takes us back to our childhood. Christmas traditions connect us to our past. Through the brightness of the Christmas …

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Families and Christmas Trees: All Shapes and Size

On the first Sunday after southern Yukon’s cold snap waned, my roommates and I piled into Jayden Soroka’s Subaru and headed down the Fish Lake road in search of a household Christmas tree. We pulled up beside a large drift, tightened our boots and barreled into the untouched, highway-side snow — smiles on faces. A …

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The Indoor Living Christmas Tree

The Norfolk Island pine is a popular and spirited plant that has adapted to many indoor living spaces. Enjoyed for its close similarity to an outdoor evergreen tree, the Norfolk Island pine vastly resembles the spirited Christmas tree. The lush, soft needles are perfect for displaying holiday ornaments, garlands and bows. A plant that will …

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Search for the Perfect Tree

I admit I will take the fullest, bushiest tree out there, like hunting for trophy. I know a friend—bless her heart—who just takes the little scrawny tree. Maybe I should do that this year, because in the Yukon a young small spruce or pine is most often scrawny. My friend’s tree always looks beautiful in …

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