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Churchill Manitoba

New Beginnings

It was warm for opening day of the season but I was not going to complain. My dad, Spike, and I sat in the only patch of grass tall enough to hide in. The sun was on our backs and our German Shepherd lay between us. The Hudson...

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Out on Her Own

I got up early to get the sleep out of my eyes and the frog out of my throat in preparation for my first interview on behalf of What’s Up Yukon.I would be talking with Susan Aglukark, who lives three time zones to the...

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Bonding Through “Barbie Geese”

“Hayley wake up,” I whispered. “It’s 4:30 and we have to get ready. The sun will be up soon.”This was a very common phrase in our house. When I was just a boy, about six, my dad started to take me...

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