What Masks Reveal

At the Northern Front Studio this January, you can visit a variety of inner worlds in Whitehorse resident Claire Strauss’ exhibition of face-based wall sculptures, called The Mask Within. While this art show is part memorial for Strauss’ father, each piece creates its own whimsical world, incorporating a joy beyond the bounds of grief. Many …

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Clay Cliff Comfort

It’s funny how a change in geography can alter your perspective on something you’re well acquainted with. My places of residence within Whitehorse had always been above the Alaska Highway — first Hillcrest, then Granger. But that changed in the fall of 2009 when I rented out a room in a small bungalow on Cook …

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Portraits of Clay

Harreson Tanner and his wife drove up to the Yukon from Vancouver in the summer of 2002. It rained all they way up, but once they got to the Yukon, the Northern sunlight broke through the clouds and put on a show. “We thought the Yukon sure knows how to welcome us,” says Tanner. This …

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Clay and Wonder

Sandra Grace Storey’s show, small changes, grows out of a love of clay and myth. All but one of the pieces mount on the wall. The clear white gallery walls give them the context to leap or stand with strong presence. Storey’s faces and animals have always had a quality of aliveness. I think her …

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