Commissioner’s Tea

Front Street’s Elegant Showcase

The Commissioner’s Residence sits on Front Street, just past St. Paul’s Anglican Church, in Dawson City.  It is one of six buildings in town designed by Thomas Fuller II, who eventually followed in his father’s footsteps to become the Chief Dominion Architect of Canada.  Five of these buildings — the Old Post Office, the Court …

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Afternoon and Evening Delight on Commissioner’s Day

At the last of the Transients’ Weekly Suppers this year, one of the special speakers at the event made reference to the Commissioner’s Residence and the upcoming Tea and Ball, which take place there. At the word “commissioner”, blank looks passed over the faces of those summerdoughs who were here from Outside for the first …

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Dawson Blooms in the Summer

I managed to mow our lawn before the rain began to sprinkle this morning and was pleased to find that several of the dog damaged areas that I reseeded earlier in the summer no longer stand out as patches of bare earth. Indeed, the new grass there is greener and thicker than some of the …

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Dawson Dresses Up

Breakup is usually followed by a week of damp chilliness as the cool air moving off the exposed river hits the town, but this year we got six to eight inches of snow as well during the first week of May. I can’t recall this happening before during my time here. With the river breakup …

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