Cuba Impressions

Passion – that’s the word that comes to mind when I reflect on my recent Cuban holiday in January. The passion of our tour guides throughout our travels. Their devotion to sharing their love of Cuba and how Cubans are working to build a more equitable country.

Seeds of Cuba

The Christmas season is upon us. For cigar lovers, this is a perfect excuse to indulge and order up a nice selections of stogies. For those who live in Whitehorse, there happens to be a store where you can get the best cigars Cuba has to offer. In the heart of downtown on Main Street …

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Grace under fire

The hands move as they do in Spain, the hips move as they do in Africa and the shoulders sway as in Cuba. It is a style of dance pulled together by Liszt Alfonso to great success these past 17 years. On April 20 and 21, she brings this “sensual mix of fire and spice” …

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We wanted a community we could call our own

“We were in Pakistan — as ever, saving children,” Martin Crill says at the Baked Café, where the sun has finally come inside. “We believed Canada had forgotten about us.” He worked for Save the Children UK, an independent children’s charity, often intervening in war situations to help displaced children find families. Martin’s Canadian journey …

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