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Dave Haddock

Kim Barlow Hits the Road

Singer-songwriter Kim Barlow hasn’t accumulated much worth selling in her 20 years in the Yukon, but she has amassed enough friends and fans to warrant a goodbye concert.Kim Barlow’s Send-Off Concert will feature...

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Comedian Taking It to the Fringe

This year I will completely, absolutely and wholeheartedly do my best to not start my articles with hyperbole!Indeed, for an opening joke, I chose a particularly weak one … call your ombudsman.I have quite a lot on my mind...

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Cool comes to Coasters

Donald Ray Johnson may be the coolest to come to Whitehorse. He’ll play Coasters with Yukoners Dave Haddock, Brandon Isaak and Ed White.

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A Shakespearean Celebration of the Solstice

Besides the regular fare of snow-covered sidewalks, holiday decorations and bundled-up pedestrians, this time of year signals the impending arrival of two familiar – and connected – occurrences: the winter solstice and the...

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