David Mamet

Venality vs Purity in Tinseltown

The strength of most plays by Pulitzer Prize-winner David Mamet lies in his characters, the moral murk in which they often exist and, above all, the laser-like precision of his dialogue. With the possible exception of his screenplay, Wag the Dog, plot is not Mamet’s long suit. Speed-The-Plow, his 1988 satire about the shallowness and …

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Artrepreneur: Vastly Entertaining

Cruelty makes good comedy. There’s something fascinating and often hilarious about watching one character tear into another. And as the Song of Songs warns us, jealousy is as cruel as the grave. The Guild/Sour Bride co-production of David Mamet’s Boston Marriage brought the opening night audience to helpless laughter. I sat in the first row …

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