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SOVA at 10

When talking about the location of the Yukon School of Visual Arts (Yukon SOVA) in Dawson City, two issues are often raised: What does the location do for students? What does it do for the town? Kyla McArthur, who works at SOVA as the administrative officer and is also a town councillor, spoke of the …

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Congratulations SOVA!

Any discussion of the Yukon School of Visual Arts begins with a couple of questions: What is it? Why is it in Dawson? The first question is easily answered: the Yukon SOVA is a post-secondary art school with excellent facilities and dedicated staff, offering a foundation year (first year) of a Bachelor of Fine Arts …

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Rural Tech Matters

Peter Menzies’ commitment to trades education at Robert Service School (RSS) in Dawson City is setting an example for the Yukon. According to Menzies, a teacher since 2004, there is a serious lack of technology-based education in rural Yukon schools. This may come as a surprise, considering the territory’s skilled worker shortage and the increasing …

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A Gift from the Odd Fellows

Last night I attended the delightful Dawson City showing of the David Mamet play, Boston Marriage. Two days earlier the KIAC Christmas Art and Craft Extravaganza filled a room with handicrafts and artwork. On the same date there was a Karaoke Night with visiting artist-in-residence Curtis Grahauer. Two nights before that Grahauer offered a showing …

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No Relief from Marketing Pains

Dawson man-about-town Greg Hakonson is always an enthusiastic guy, putting his energy into construction, cooking and the local arts scene – he’s been a driving force behind the Dawson City Arts Society for more than a decade. But ask him about the Trekke® Lumbar Lift, a device he invented to relieve lower back pain, and …

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