December 2 2020

Game on

One thing you know for sure about wild meat is that it hasn’t been loaded with chemicals and growth hormones to get it to market quickly. In general, it has feasted on wild plants and grasses. It’s about the most natural meat you could get. When hunting and harvesting wild game, you know the exact …

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They outlived their husbands

Mary Kay outlived Big Joe. Sarah Baalam outlived Baalam. Eliza Steamboat outlived Robert. Annie Fredson outlived Daniel. Sarah Abel outlived Abel. Mary Thomas outlived John. Mary Charlie outlived Peter. Myra Moses outlived Peter. Persis Kendi outlived Julius. Clara Frost outlived Jack. Martha Charlie outlived John. Effie Linklater outlived Archie. Ellen Bruce outlived Robert. Joanne Njootli …

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Early Geological Mapping

When you fly over Yukon and British Columbia, look out your window if you can. You will see an endless, rugged landscape, broken by lakes and rivers. The first geologists who came to map this vast land did not have the fortune to do a flyover first. As different means of transportation evolved over the …

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Melia Hudgin

The second artist featured in our “Musicians in Isolation Series,” multi-stylist Melia Hudgin is currently working on her debut EP and preparing to move to Toronto in the fall.

Yukon See It Here: Tamara Neely

A spooky house in Riverdale where we went trick or treating on Halloween Submitted by Tamara Neely [box] We invite you to share your photos of Yukon life. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what’s going on and what camera equipment you used to [email protected][/box]

Doggie function in the Junction

My dog Bear has special needs. There, I said it. His name is Bear, because a small dog needs a big name. After the death of his brother and constant companion Moose, Bear developed separation anxiety.

Colourful trees in changing seasons

Hi all! As the seasons and colours change, inspiration is everywhere. Last time we explored complementary colours; this time we will explore monochromatic colours, or the colours that are neighbors on the colors wheel. We will have the vivid yellows, oranges and reds, and add some green to build on the combinations we already tried. …

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Tall tales and fish cakes

People who live and work on the water are good at tall tales. Fisher people don’t just tell whoppers about the whopper that got away, they tell ghost stories, stories with an element of magic, stories that strike a chill into the heart. The movie Jaws is one such tall tale. For me the two …

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