December 23 2019

Didee and Didoo – Gwichin Warrior

There’s a peaceful little townOn the banks of the river.Where the wolf an’ the caribou roamThat’s where he calls his home.In summer there’s no nightsDays are shorter in the winter time.Under the northern lightsHe dances his blues away. CHORUS:He’s a Gwichin warriorOld Crow Yukon is his home.Graceful like an eagleThe apple of his Mommie’s eye.He’s …

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Salmon tacos with chili honey

While this recipe is written for a single person, it’s easily scalable to however many people you have in your household.

All about the red fox

Foxes have a number of colour phases. Mainly, we see the red and white, but additional phases include all-black, and black and red. No matter what colour, these foxes all have two things in common.

Spring snow-ventures

The Thursday evening of the 2018 Easter long weekend was predicted to be perfect bluebird weather with warm temperatures. The snow had not been the best during the season, so it was time to come up with an adventure.

The coldest pool party north of 60

‘I jumped into cold water in the Yukon at -45.’ I figure it’s in line with ‘I used to have to walk two miles to school through waist deep snow, uphill both ways.’

Trolls and ogresses for Christmas

Christmas promises to be white as a Bing Crosby croons. As we Canadians hunker down for the Yuletide to come, let us raise a wassail bowl to the fact we don’t live in Iceland.

Time on the land – take a child with you

In my fairly lengthy experience dealing with kids in and about outdoor activities, I have found that they are like sponges when it comes to absorbing information. It is rare to find a child who isn’t interested in nature and the environment. Sadly too many youngsters (and adults) have become addicted to the small screen …

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An appetite for stories

The story you tell in a restaurant is going to be different than the story one tells on a bus. It is nice to get unconventional storytellers into the Pivot Festival and into unusual venues for performances.

Heart your green cart

An axe. A wig. A bone. These are the three things people searched for most frequently on the City of Whitehorse’s What Goes Where waste app.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot?

Truth be told, I had always thought that “Auld Lang Syne” was some saintly old soul and it was just this year that I realized and appreciated, for the first time, the depth of meaning beneath these lyrics.

Living With Wildlife – Steve Wilson

This family of foxes are loose in the Preserve; they just seem to like it there. I suspect it is because of all the Arctic Ground Squirrels living there.

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