December 23 2020

Honouring a whale

“I’ve been thinking about water for about five or six years,” said artist Joyce Majiski. While walking the beach in Spain she was struck by the large amount of garbage that was getting washed in with the tide. And then, one day, she was struck with a vision of building a whale out of garbage.

Light and reflections

Have you managed to adjust to the shortened daylight hours? In our family, we have our own tradition of a solstice fire on Dec. 21. It is a time to reflect on the past year, burn away the old and make wishes for the new.

Learning from the land

The Porcupine Caribou Herd is one of the largest barren-ground caribou herds in North America. It numbered approximately 220,000 when it was last counted in 2017, a record-breaking high. Despite this, the herd faces challenges.

The fine art of drawing with fire

Drawing with fire is one of humankind’s most ancient arts. This is what I was told by Ricardo Espada Horsfall when I visited him at his recent show, Smoke, Feelings and Wood at the Free-Space gallery in Northern Front Studio.

Dublin Gulch

The present book, one of several projects Michael Gates has had on the go since he retired, is one he was commissioned to write by Victoria Gold, the owners of the Eagle Gold Mine.

A Parade of Dreams

Christopher Wheeler has had a long-standing dream to become an author. When COVID-19 arrived, it brought with it the opportunity for him to pursue this dream. The result is his first collection of poetry, A Parade of Dreams. “I’ve put the collection together over COVID,” Wheeler said. “I thought, why not? It’s been something I’ve …

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Yukon See It Here: Steve Wilson

The SS Klondike was doing its best to be seen through the ice fog rising from the Yukon River during our -40 cold snap in January.

Arthritis: Minimize the difficulty

Here we are, much older than we used to be and almost all of us suffer from the discomfort of arthritis in various places.
Even at a moderate level of pain we find ourselves avoiding lifting, bending, and reaching, as all of those movements – and especially something sudden – hurts.

The Stairs

Thirteen year old Isaiah Silas has had a love for comic books from a young age. This admiration inspired him to teach himself to draw, and has since grown into a talent that he hopes to expand into a successful business, making and selling comic books.

What builds our youth?

January is Mentorship Month; a month to highlight the importance of engagement from our community to support and help develop our youth.
We need to see more positive engagement from the adults in our community, as well as an understanding of how we all impact our youth and, ultimately, their development.

Do not drown in nostalgia this holiday season

No matter your spiritual practice, chances are there is a special holiday in December for you, celebrated with gatherings, rituals, and traditions. Of course, this year will be different and I surely need not tell you why.

The Christmas elves of [email protected]

Last-minute shoppers are sure to find something for a friend or family member at Yukon Artists @ Work. There are also lots of small treasures for topping up stocking, or add some sparkle to what has been a very strange and difficult year.

Freezer candy

There is a famous vegetarian restaurant in New York City called Dirt Candy. Someday I will get there, but, in the meantime, I love the name. It perfectly captures the sweetness of the root vegetables that come up from the dirt in their jewel-like colours. At this time of year, I think of another jewel-like …

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A Calling for Cocktails

Many took up drinking as a hobby during the pandemic, but for the amateur mixologist, it’s all about quality over quaffing. Lise Farynowski has been interested in the art of cocktails for more than a decade. Craft cocktails typically refer to drinks that include fresh ingredients, homemade syrups and small batch spirits (no margarita mix!). …

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Yukon See It Here – Steve Wilson

I grabbed these sparkling photos in March 2018. Hey Rihanna, come to the Yukon! We have “Diamonds in the Snow!”  Camera: Nikon Coolpix B500 [box] We invite you to share your photos of Yukon life. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what’s going on and what camera equipment you used to [email protected][/box]

Living With Wildlife: Reisha Turpin

I took these photos in June while on an early Sunday morning walk along the Yukon River path in downtown Whitehorse. I spent a week visiting Whitehorse and absolutely loved my encounters with wildlife awhile enjoy the natural beauty of this destination. Camera: iPhone [box] We invite you to share your photos of Yukon wildlife. …

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