Dempster Highway

Rolling along the Yukon Dempster Highway, a traveller  can get from Dawson City to Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T. via Inuvik, across the arctic circle and to the Arctic Ocean. Driving from Whitehorse to Tuk is often on the ‘To Do List’ of many Yukon visitors and locals alike. Whether it’s an off-road vehicle, a motorcycle or even an RV, the dream of taking in the sights and checking off a major bucket list item by driving the farthest north you can in Canada, is a grand one indeed. From Whitehorse to Dawson and from Eagle Plains to Fort McPherson, Inuvik and on to Tuk (with a stop at Engineer Creek campground of course!) visitors can expect to take in all the majesty and wonder of the land that runs along the Blackstone River and crosses the Peel River on its way north.

How to travel the Dempster

Travelling the Dempster Highway is an iconic Northern experience. If it is not on your bucket list, consider revising your list.

The Road Less Travelled: The Dempster Part 2

When a Canada 150 project resulted in a road linking Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk, the shores of the Arctic Ocean were newly accessible. So too, then, were my plans to drive the length of the Dempster Highway.

The Road Less Travelled: The Dempster Part 1

As the Alaska Highway became more accessible and faded from myth and legend, The Dempster Highway, for me and many others, became the new Holy Grail. It enticed us with the promise of adventure, of unseen vistas.

Raven kronks, Leprechaun croaks

I remember my first conversation with Joe Ben Raven like it happened yesterday. It was the winter construction season of 1972-73 up on the Eagle Plains of the Yukon’s half-built Dempster Highway in a borrow pit south of the Oasis in the Wilderness—a hotel which is itself only 35 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle. …

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A dystopian life near the Blackstone River

The Wolves of Winter is Tyrell Johnson’s first published novel. It’s set in the Yukon, but he hadn’t actually been here until he came to Whitehorse for last month’s Yukon Writers’ Festival.

Magic in Tombstone

“Art Magic in Tombstone” is a series of workshops hosted by the Friends of Dempster Country society, and Yukon Parks, and will take place in Tombstone Territorial Park/ Ddhäl Ch’èl Cha Nän, throughout the summer.

Living With Wildlife: Peter Zenkl

Grey squirrel shot with Nikon D3300, Tamron 70-300 mm, 1/125 sec., f4.0  along the Dempster Highway. Submit your wildlife photos too.

Caring for the bison hunt rifle

Since the bison hunt started, hunters have had problems with their rifles. Steps to prep them for -25ºC to -40ºC range.

Third Time’s the Charm

My friend, Lucy (not her real name – she asked me to call her that), is no stranger to adventure. The daring Ontario expat, who has called the Yukon home for the last decade, has twice answered the call to cycle the Dempster Highway – a rugged expanse of terrain stretching from Dawson City to …

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Vimy to Tuk

My husband and I met Joe Harrington during a “Battlefields Tour” of Europe. We hit it off, and were fascinated with this avid pilot who had hand-built his own airplanes. We invited him to visit us in Dawson City one day – and he took us up on the invitation. This is the story of …

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The Dempster Highway: Past, Present & Future

There are two ways to Inuvik: either fly Air North, or drive the scenic route – the 735.5 km of the Dempster Highway. East of Dawson, branching off of the Klondike Highway, the Dempster begins. It follows the Klondike River valley, heads through the Ogilvie Mountains and crosses the Blackstone, Ogilvie and Eagle Rivers. Then …

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An Ice Road Adventure

When I saw the post on Facebook from local Dawsonite Sarah Lenart, asking for two people to join her and friend Jeremy Herndl on a trip to Tuktoyaktuk from Inuvik via the winter ice road, I was elated. The ice road follows the Mackenzie River delta channels, and eventually ends up on the Arctic Ocean. …

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Mushroom Confidential

I wrote this in 2013 for Dave Mossop at Yukon College as part of my course requirements for NOST 201, A natural history of the North. However, it had been rattling around in my head for some time. Please do not use this to identify a mushroom; get expert advice. I’m going to tell you …

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For the Love of Northern Art

Every year for 10 days, northern artists and art lovers gather in Inuvik, a small town of 3,400 in the NWT, to celebrate culture and creativity.   Entering its 28th year, the Great Northern Arts Festival features almost 60 artists from the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Running from July 15 to 24, the activities …

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Family Camping

My daughter’s dad and I started taking our daughters for Dempster Highway camping adventures around 1991, and the magic and fun times of those trips stayed with them,  helping them to become independent and adventurous souls. Here is an excerpt from my daughter Rachel’s 2001 essay, called “True Tracks,” that shows the kind of fun …

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Myth and Medium Focuses on Stories and Performance

This week shaped up to be a culturally ambitious one in Dawson City. The centerpiece of the week has been the Myth and Medium conference organized by the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in’s Heritage Department and focusing on the performing arts. It’s not too late to take in some of the culture. The week’s performance workshops continue on …

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Her Next Plan is Coming to a Television Near You

A television mini-series is being shot in Dawson between April 7 and 17. The two episodes of Her Next Plan are being produced by the newly formed Big Plan Pictures Ltd. Dawson filmmaker Lulu Keating (Red Snapper Films) and Max Fraser (Hootalinqua Motion Pictures), formed the new partnership to bring this short series to the …

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Dan Sokolowski Can’t Stay Away from the Dempster

Dan Sokolowski doesn’t disguise his fascination with the Dempster Highway area. “There’s something in the air that makes you feel the people that have been before you, or the caribou that have been through there, but you can’t see,” he says.“I think there’s lots of good old ghosts and spectres that are somehow affecting everybody …

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The Dempster adventure

In 2002, I embarked, with the love of my life, on a Yukon adventure I never experienced in the 29 years I lived here. Here, I confess, we were sort of living together without a “shack-up permit.” Wonder what happened to that great old tradition … progress? We decided to go to Dawson City. Right; …

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Capturing Canada’s Boreal Forest

Kelly Borgers considers herself a family photographer. Except that her subject matter is not human faces, but Canada’s boreal forest. “I probably have at least 15,000 pictures of the boreal,” she says. “The pictures to me are little individual portraits. They show different little nuances of the forest, whether it’s a rock or a flower, …

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